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The biggest challenge that I have encountered as a guitar instructor was with figuring out the best ways for my students to be able to assimilate relevant information knowing that they for the most part have a limited amount of time that they can consecrate to practicing their instrument each day.

The search for proper methodology became necessary in order to achieve the best results. I started the process of refining the methods I was using since 2004 when I became intensely involved in teaching and tutoring, with a clear desire to transmit all that I had learned over the years to aspiring guitarists and musicians.

My Guitar Method is specially designed to initiate guitarists of all levels to what I consider being the most essential elements of musicianship. Learning to become a musician before becoming a guitarist is key.


Trained by the bests of instructors at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California, my 30 years' experience as a musician and guitar tutor has enabled me to develop a teaching method that finds it’s strength in a good synthesis of the musical language and musical expression as an art form. Following its structure diligently allows me to pin point at the precise needs of each guitar student, resulting in a substantial part of the guess work being taken out of the learning process, and enabling them to narrow down the path leading to a complete integration of the very essential elements that make up a musician's DNA. 


As a result the student will be able to more efficiently and promptly integrate these principles with a minimum of steps and effort regardless the amount of time they can consecrate at practicing their craft each day. Quality makes up for quantity, and is essential get past the restraints created by busy lifestyle if we want to reach the goals that we have set for ourselves. That can only be more true when it comes to learning an instrument such as the guitar. In fact, following a good method enables the student to set goals, and guaranties that those goals will be reached: one step at a time, the right step every time.

  • Having a clear practice plan

  • Sticking to it until seeing results

  • Making practice time relevant by prioritizing

  • Not getting ahead of yourself


 By combining consistency and methodology with a clear guidance my students have been able to overcome the most common learning blocks that apprentice guitarists can face during their evolution as a musician. The core of my method consist of initiating and nurturing a clear focalization on three key elements:

  • A strong sense of musicality and feel

  • Developing a good ear 

  • Responsiveness to groove

Musicians in their own lingo often use expressions like “playing in the pocket” or “sitting in the back of the beat”. With my method these expressions will no longer seem obscure to you, as from the very first lesson we dig right into the secret jar where musicians find their best magic tricks. Hearing and

having clear understanding of what is played allows one to reproduce while developing their own style: The musician is born, the guitarist will soon follow. 


My Guitar Curriculum and personalised practice plan is adapted to meet the needs, goals and style of each student. while maintaining consistency during the learning process. A good teaching method only works when apprenticeship is developed in parallel. To produce the best results individual assessment is needed on a regular basis.