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Online Guitar School Overview


Guided Tour of Xavier Cevrin’s Guitar University


On this page you will find a concise overview of all services provided to both my FREE FOR LIFE Guitar Community Members and students who have purchased a Guitar Pack or have subscribed to a paid Monthly Membership Plan.

By following each link you will be taken on a step by step guided tour of my Online Guitar School.

Joining our FREE FOR LIFE Guitar Club:

The next step after you have taken the tour would be to JOIN IN as a FREE FOR LIFE Club Member enabling you to dig into the very heart of the website: The Xavier Cevrin's Guitar Club, an Exclusive Online Member Zone for all guitar aficionados. That’s where you’ll find the BACKSTAGE ROOM with access to my weekly quiz contests and prizes, monthly guitar challenges, daily posts and guitar topics discussions from the forum, and more: All in one place providing you with the most user friendly experience as possible.

Who are We?

My Guitar Club Members are apprentice guitarists and musicians alike and can be either new or former students of mine, or just music and guitar aficionados who are simply enjoying being a part of an active Online Guitar Community. Every now and then I’ll invite in some very special guests for live interviews or topical discussions.

The FREE FOR LIFE member account can be created by filling this online form or directly when downloading our Free

Mobile App.

Boosting your Guitar Skills:

Once you are a member you can decide to stay here forever if you like, or feel free to book some 1-ON-1 lessons with me (On Webcam by Zoom or in person at headquarters). From time to time I might decide to run special promotions, which will come to you though our Monthly Newsletter. No up-sale, No back-sale, No affiliate links. We are first and foremost a Guitar Community where members share  a common passion for the Guitar, and I like keeping it that way. I’ve even decided to make some of my own released music downloadable entirely free for my members, like my 1994 EP Taking it Back or my latest EP Transatlantic, both with guests appearances from musicians such as Gregg and Matt Bissonette, and many more.

Connecting with your Guitar Teacher:

I hope you enjoy your time here, and feel free to reach out to me at any time will any questions you might have. Use the contact form or the direct chat box once inside the Club. Im often online and if I missed your instant message to me Ill do my best to answer you queries within 24 hours.

Learning to Play the Guitar:

If you do decide to enroll for 1-ON-1 lessons with me, rest assured that youll find a committed guitar teacher with both skills and experience to help you reach your next level. I will address head on any learning blocks you might have encountered over the years and will set you up on the right track to overcome them once and for all. Im confident about my motto:


 Your Guitar is Your Voice, Together We Can Find It.

Former Guitar Students Testimonials:

I’ll encourage you to read some of my former students testimonials, where they share about their experience during their time of enrollement.

Xavier Cevrin,

Guitar Instructor and Founder of

Xavier Cevrin’s Guitar University.

Guided Tour Of Xavier Cevrin’s Guitar Club


  • Guitar Lessons Database with Audio and Tablature

  • Recommended 4 Years of Continuous Study with my "4 Levels of Musicianship Method"

  • Can be achieved at your own pace (some have done it in 6 months while others like to take periodic breaks and come back at a later time

  • Certificate of Completion after each Level is Reached

  • Free for All Guitar Video Lessons Mini Series added each Month as Extra Curricular Courses

  • Recommended Guitar Backing Track Providers to use for improvisation





  • All of the Website’s features available straight from the XC Guitar Club App on Apple or Android


Your Guitar is Your Voice, Together We can Find It.

Free Download of my New EP (gifts are accepted, but not obligated)